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mayo 29, 2021

Iluminación interior naturalmente.

I’ll tell the guys at the deli. Maybe they’ll make you a metaphysical Ham on Rye. Okay, and then you’re like, “Oh my god, there’s no bathroom, what am I gonna do?” “Oh! Someone’s watching.” “I’m gonna go in my pants.” Hang on, kid. No. It’s you who doesn’t understand. Thanos has been inside my head for six years…

Since he sent an army to New York and now he’s back! And I don’t know what to do. So I’m not so sure if it’s a better plan to fight him on out turf or his but you saw what they did, what he can do. At least on his turf, he’s not expecting it. So I say we take the fight to him. Doctor. Do you concur? You’ll know when we’re close. Nidavellir’s forge harnesses the blazing power of a Neutron Star. It’s the birthplace of my hammer; it’s truly awesome.

My humble personage… bows before your grandeur. No other being has ever had the might, nay the nobility, to wield not one, but two Infinity Stones. The universe lies within your grasp. Enough! We need to stop Thanos. Which means we need to find out where he’s going next. He may be on the team. I don’t know. Haven’t been there in a while. As for the Soul Stone, well, no one’s ever seen that. No one even knows where it is. Therefore, Thanos can’t get it. Therefore, he’s going to Knowhere. Hence, he’ll be getting the Reality Stone. You’re welcome. I’m not looking for forgiveness. And I’m way past asking for permission. Earth just lost her best defender. So we’re here to fight. And if you wanna stand in our way… We’ll fight you, too. Your math is blowing my mind. But at random, dispassionate, fair to rich and poor alike. They called me a madman. And what I predicted came to pass. Welcome, Thanos, son of Eros, Gamora, daughter of Thanos.

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